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How to Up Your Skincare Routine without Breaking the Bank

By Laura Leiva
Instead of splurging on expensive labels, create a routine that leaves skin feeling and looking your best (while keeping costs down!). Here are five tips for stretching any skincare budget:

·       Keep it simple. Instead of investing in a multi-step routine you see on social media, pare down to the essentials and find the best quality you can afford. Every routine should consist of a cleanser, active serum, and moisturizer for night (swap out SPF for daytime).
·       Save on cleanser. Out of your entire routine, a cleanser needs to be effective not trendy. Look at the label to make sure you’re getting a product that cleanses without stripping natural moisture. 
·       Splurge on serums. Spend the most of your skincare budget on serums – since the formulas are concentrated and designed to address specific skin concerns, this is where the most active ingredients are found.  
·       Dual-function products are key. Find products that work in different ways to stretch out the skincare routine without spending more. For example, a cleanser-mask combination cleanses and purifies pores, while moisturizer with sunscreen or ceramides nourishes and protects skin. 
·       Use tried and true products. Some of the most inexpensive skincare products have been around for decades and still work through a skincare routine. Need extra hydration in certain spots? Dab a bit of petroleum jelly on your skin. Want an effective makeup remover? Cold cream has been an essential for years. 
Here’s a tip: effective skincare doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money. Consider where you want to focus your efforts and splurge where it will make the most difference!