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3 Hot Retail Marketing Ideas for Summer

It’s almost summer, which means warm weather, vacations, and outdoor events are right around the corner! While everyone looks forward to having fun in the sun during the upcoming months it can also be a slow time for retailers, as foot traffic and sales tend to cool off as soon as the temperatures rise.

As a small business owner it is important to plan ahead to avoid a summer sales slump. Read on for three marketing ideas you can implement into your upcoming seasonal promotions:  

  1. Bring the Outside In

The summer months are all about getting outdoors and enjoying the sunshine. As a small business owner, get creative by changing up your retail displays or storefront windows: there’s no better time to bring the outdoors in, with fun summer-themed merchandise and displays. Changing up your visual merchandising each season helps to freshen up the overall look of your space, and using bright and cheerful summer colors and themes will also catch the eye of potential new customers.

  1. Package for Parties

From its Memorial Day start through to its Labor Day conclusion, the summer season is chock full of holidays and celebrations that your customers look forward to, and that they also spend money on. Leverage these festivities to market your goods and services as as solution for any upcoming event: pre-package easy “grab & go” gift sets, or host special promotions on must-have decor, entertaining items, fashion or food for backyard barbecues, summer weddings, picnics and more.  

  1. Tap into Tourism

Summer is also vacation season, which means prime time to advertise your business to out-of-towners via social media or cross-promotions with nearby hotels and hot spots. Not located in a travel destination? You can still tap into the travel season by highlighting your vacation-friendly merchandise for customers to shop before they head out on their next trip.

Key Takeaway
While retail sales tend to slow down during the summer months, that doesn’t have to be the case for your small business. Outdoor celebrations and vacations are part of what makes the summer so enjoyable. With a little creativity, they can also be what make this summer a profitable season for your shop!