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10 Self-Care Tips for February

By Laura Leiva
Coming off January and shaking the blues can be hard, given we have to balance a lot of things on top of our already fast paced, busy lives. As February begins, it’s important that we pause for a second and set aside some time so we can acknowledge how powerful self-care is. 

Here are 10 things you can do to care for yourself and create your own wellbeing routine.

  1. Make up a mantra: Think about what you need in February and create a mantra that helps you keep that in mind. Focus on embracing difficulties and looking on the bright side.
  2. Hearty meals: Find your own way to eat healthy while balancing your everyday life. Not nurturing your body with the nutrients it needs can be detrimental in your fight against the January blues. 
  3. Breathe in deeply (with oils): Essential oils can be used to calm down or energize your day. Just do your research and pick some oils that could benefit your February goals.
  4. Move your body outside: Being active while stepping out of your house is essential to self-care. Make sure you get sunlight and breathe in the winter air. 
  5. Gratitude journal: Being grateful can help improve your mood and positivity! 
  6. Skincare routine: Taking care of your skin helps you feel and look your best.
  7. Sleep: Sleep, not scrolling through your phone, rests your body and is essential in self-care.  
  8. Connect with friends: We all need that inner circle of friends that keeps us laughing and feeling supported. 
  9. Drink water: Refill your favorite water bottle, for your skin, and your health and overall well being.
  10.  "Me" Time: Schedule time to treat yourself. When you do small but meaningful things for    yourself, it gives you a break and improves your happiness.